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Divine Creations by Stacy Wood

Ozark, MO

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The Divine Creations Journey

Divine Creations all began in 2017 when I embarked on a journey to figure out why illnesses, stress, and anxiety seemed to be constantly plaguing my family and friends. I started researching as much as I could about diabetes, chronic pain, cancer, birth defects, and other really dark subjects... It didn't take long to realize what was causing a lot of the problems we suffer from – the products we use every day!

Like every mom, I wanted the best for my family. This is when I started researching organic products – and I was blown away by how much more expensive they were compared to products full of chemicals. The idea for Divine Creations started to form when I received a handmade soap scrub for Mother's Day from my beautiful daughters. After some experimentation in our kitchen, I realized that I could make and sell my own products to anyone wanting to live a healthier, more affordable lifestyle!

Divine Creation by Stacy Wood Amanda Adams Testimonials

I've cleaned house inside and outside all day : my under arms have no smell. I put neat feet on this morning at 6:30 with socks and shoes I've walked over 21,000 steps today. I just took my socks off. My feet are so soft and smell good too!!!! WoooHooo Thank You !!!! (not that I had a "stink" before it was because of chemicals and now I'm chemical free and stink free)
- Amanda A.

Divine Creations by Stacy Wood Damon Paige

A friend introduced me to your product…which is AMAZING!!! I plan on ordering more in the future most definitely! I purchased a bottle of the Sandlewood Bourbon Lotion. I’ll be bragging about it to others.
- Damon P.

Divine Creations by Stacy Wood Jimi Beth Teague

I love your stuff. It has passed all my tests so far. I have such ridiculous skin, it's really hard to find anything that works, doesn't burn me, or break me out.
- Jimi T.

Divine Creations by Stacy Wood TK Armstrong Spears Testimonial

I've used the scrub, the lotion and lip balm, and we love all of them. We want to order several sets for Christmas presents.
- TK A. S.

Divine Creations by Stacy Wood Liz

I just wanted to contact you and let you know that I love my hand lotion. My hands stay so soft, but not greasy at all. I'm subbing daily and wash my hands constantly. It really helps.
- Liz C.

Divine Creations by Stacy Wood Goey Smith

Stacy, finally made time to relax in the tub and try your scrub. Just got out and had to give my testimony. First, what a difference a sugar scrub felt compared to a salt scrub. Much more soothing to the skin. You have created a perfect blend of sugars and oils that made the experience of using your product and unforgettable one. My skin feels wonderfully soft, nourished and moisturized without a greasy residue! Along with adding just the right amount of essential oils, I ended my bath smelling fresh and clean while not being overwhelmed with too much fragrance. Awesome product!
- Goey S.

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