Divine Creations Finals Survival Kit


The perfect gift for students!

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You can probably recognize a high school senior or a college student at this point in the semester by the bags under their eyes, the blatant aura of stress, junk food-stained fingers, maybe a curved back from a heavy backpack, and constant threats to drop out of school. 😂

It’s time for finals, and you know they’re struggling!

To help them out, you just might want to send them a Divine Creations Finals Survival Kit – maybe one with a focus roller, some lavender and prosperity sugar scrub and lotion, and more!

Order this for your favorite high school or college student before they have a nervous breakdown! 🤓

The Finals Survival Kit contains:

Acai Blackberry Lip Balm: So you can kiss the semester goodbye!

Focus Roller: The extra boost you need to keep your attention on your textbook rather than Instagram.

Rosemary Deodorant: So you don’t offend your neighbors after you have skipped the shower to pull an all-nighter.

Lavender Scrub: The test is over – it is your first shower in 3 days. This sugar scrub is here to help you relax your worries away!

Prosperity Lotion: This kit was a success, you have aced all of your tests. Lather up, it is time to rest!

Buying these items separately would cost $51 – a 12% discount! Plus it comes in a cool gift bag. 🙂

Additional information

Weight 18.5 oz
Dimensions 7.15 × 7.15 × 7 in


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